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What is CRM?

Happy Customers = More Sales

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Are you looking to grow your sales pipeline? Do you want to turn your company into a sales machine? Are you planning to hire more sales staff? Do you need a way to keep it all organized while making sure every lead is nurtured at the right time?

If yes, then search no further. With Method:CRM you can easily:

  • Track leads outside of QuickBooks.
  • Nurture potential clients at the right times by assigning follow-ups.
  • When leads convert to customers, sync them into QuickBooks.
  • Track opportunities, create email templates, and set recurring activities.
  • Know what each sales rep is working on and share calendars.
  • Set-up a custom dashboard and sales report to meet your unique data needs.
  • Instantly sync estimates, invoices, contacts and more into QuickBooks.

Intuitive, Smart And Worth Every Penny

“CRM is critical to managing a large customer database and by using Method:CRM and automatically syncing with QuickBooks we are able to save a ton of time. It is easy to install and provides value to the salespeople who use it. By using Method it is easy to gain compliance from salespeople, as it is not just something they have to do, but instead provides a framework to schedule their day.”

June 17, 2014
BlackJack2000 from Columbus, OH, USA — via Intuit