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Track Your Leads with Ease

Do you have staff who need to send estimates and invoices, but don’t necessarily need to be in your QuickBooks? Sounds like you need Method.

  • Stay Organized

    Stop using Excel, Notepad, or napkins to track your potential customers. We all know things slip through the cracks with these “systems”. With lead management in Method:CRM, you’ll never miss a follow-up or sales opportunity again.

  • Save Time

    When you close a sale, you can easily convert a lead to a customer, and ta-da… your customer info and contact history will automatically sync into your QuickBooks via our industry-leading, patented sync engine. No more duplicate data entry or data silos!

  • Work Your Way

    You have your workflow for your unique business — we understand you don’t want to change that. That’s why Method is fully customizable — so your software matches your way of getting your work done. And the best part is Method’s lead management software is simple to customize using drag-and-drop tools. Of course, you don’t have to customize Method, but soon you might want to, so you can run your business, your way.

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Method:CRM makes it easy to organize, track, and grow your sales pipeline. It’s also easy to try Method:CRM with a FREE 30-day trial!

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