Bring Spreadsheet Data into Your CRM with Method’s Import/Export Tool

We know getting started with a new CRM can be daunting. That’s why Method’s import/export tool makes it easy to transfer data between Method and a spreadsheet. Import lists of leads in just a few clicks, or mass-update existing CRM data without having to edit each record manually. You can even export data from your Method account to be shared or analyzed externally.

Why should I use Method’s import/export tool?

  • Easily Import Lead and Customer Spreadsheets

    Setting up your Method account is quick and easy with Method’s import tool. Upload lists of leads (or customers who aren’t in QuickBooks) in just a few clicks. And if you have custom data, no problem! Create custom fields during the import process to keep all of your data centralized in Method.

  • Efficiently Mass-update Information

    Take advantage of the import tool to update multiple records in Method simultaneously, rather than doing so manually. The more time you save on administrative work, the more you can focus on driving sales.

  • Export Your Data Anytime

    Make the most of the data in your CRM. Use the export tool to download customers, activities, transactions and more from your Method account. With convenient spreadsheets on hand, you can share select data, print mailing labels, run analyses… the sky’s the limit.

How do I start using the import/export tool?

  1. For starters, you need to have a Method account. If you don’t yet have one, sign up for your Free 30-Day Trial Here!
  2. To use the import/export tool, you need to be an administrator in your Method account. Click here for instructions to give administrator permissions to another user in your Method account.
  3. You also need to have API (application programming interface) access in your Method account. If you are an administrator in the account, you should already have this access. Click here for instructions to manually grant API access to yourself or another user in your Method account.
  4. On any screen in your Method account, click the gear in the top right corner, then click Preferences > Integrations > Launch Import/Export Tool.
  5. For step-by-step instructions to import leads and customers into your Method account, visit our help article here.
  6. For step-by-step instructions to export data from your Method account, visit our help article here.

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