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Method Gmail Gadget

With Method’s Google Gadget you can update your CRM contacts, activities, follow-ups, opportunities, cases and documents from right inside your Gmail inbox. Our 5-star integration means you can stop flipping between your email and your CRM! And the best part is it’s FREE with your Method:CRM subscription.

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Mark Crews, Founding Partner, Cloud Consultancy LLC

Goes way beyond just getting email into our CRM

“The Method:CRM Google Gadget is fantastic. We were expecting a simple way to move Gmail into our CRM. Our expectations were blown out of the water. The Gadget provides visibility to all aspects for your CRM data which includes QuickBooks data. Imagine receiving an email and having instant access to the customer's invoices, orders, sales opportunities, and customer support cases.”

— Mark Crews, Founding Partner, Cloud Consultancy LLC

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