Capture New Leads 24 Hours a Day with Method:CRM’s Web-to-Lead Form

When potential customers land on your website, make sure it’s easy for them to connect with you. Method’s Web-to-Lead form offers a convenient way for leads to provide their contact information. When a form is submitted, Method automatically creates a new lead and a new sales opportunity — no data entry required on your side. Method even notifies your sales rep of the new lead via email, so they can reach out as soon as possible.

How will Method’s Web-to-Lead form benefit my business?

  • Capture New Leads in Your Sleep

    Generate new leads 24 hours a day by embedding Method’s Web-to-Lead form on your website. When a potential customer submits their information through the form, they’re automatically logged as a new lead in your CRM.
  • Never Miss Out on a Sales Opportunity

    Automated workflows ensure that you never forget to follow up on an opportunity. When a Web-to-Lead form is submitted, Method automatically creates a follow-up activity and sends an email notification to your sales rep, so they can reach out to the new lead right away.
  • Streamline the Follow-up Process

    Chances are you want to know more about your new lead than just their name and email address. Customize your Web-to-Lead form to capture information that’s important to your business, so you’re a step ahead when you follow up.

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From the Web-to-Lead forms on our website to the final sale, Method makes sure that no customer/lead ever falls through the cracks.

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