The most customizable QuickBooks CRM for small business

Method:CRM is a no code platform software small businesses use to create custom CRM solutions.

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100% customizable, 100% code-free

Your business may be small, but your CRM should think big. Here’s how Method empowers small businesses to do their best work.

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Meets your unique needs

No need to figure out how to code a CRM system. Use Method’s drag-and-drop tools to create a custom CRM that’s perfect for your processes.

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Evolves with your company

Customizing Method as your needs change lets you stick with your CRM instead of outgrowing it.

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Built for small business

Move over, enterprise CRMs. Method is an accessible and inexpensive CRM software for small business teams.

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Method:CRM is a custom-made solution for your business needs.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits all when it comes to customer relationship management. In fact, the best CRM  simplifies your processes and keeps up with your business as it grows.

Pick and choose which features your business needs with Method:CRM. 

Proven business benefits

Here’s why our customers are big fans of customizing Method.

“It’s one thing for me to customize Method:CRM to help make the running of my business better. But more importantly, I’m creating customizations that are helping my franchise owners run their businesses better.”

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Jacob D’Aniello

Doody Calls

“Method is really the lifeline of everything that happens in the company. We’ve cut down each order by 20-30% of the time it used to take, so we’re actually able to process so much more on any given day and get that much more business.”

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Cameron Fleming

HME Mobility & Accessibility

“Method has streamlined just about every process that we have in our business, from writing orders to sending POs and many other functions. The next step is fully integrating all of our operations so we’re a well-oiled machine from start to finish!”

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Nick Robinson


Most customizable CRM

Imagine the tasks you can automate with Method’s powerful customization capabilities.

The possibilities are endless

From automating manual workflows to tracking data and retrieving real-time, custom reports this is a solution that does exactly what you need it to. 

  • Personalize an online portal for your customer self-service.
  • Turn your website visitors into new leads through personalized forms.
  • Create transaction templates with custom fields, calculations, and conditions.

Unlimited custom CRM solutions

Method can be personalized in any way imaginable to help you run your business better.

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Fields, tables, and apps

Track the data that matters to your business.

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Simplify and automate manual tasks.

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Web to lead forms

Capture website visitors as new leads in Method.

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Online portals

Provide customers with self-service options.

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Transaction template

Include custom fields, calculations, and conditions.

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See how your business is performing in real time.

Go beyond CRM

Enhance your productivity by building the tools your business needs to succeed.

Custom transaction templates

Customizing templates in QuickBooks can be a challenge. This is especially true if you need to show industry-specific data like item weights or license numbers. But using Method:CRM for Intuit QuickBooks can fix these pain points.

The solution:

  • Create unlimited custom transaction templates in Method
  • Easily populate the templates with QuickBooks items and prices
  • Print PDFs or email transactions to customers
Custom Invoice screen in Method:CRM
Custom commission tracker screen in Method:CRM

Commission tracker software for small business

Many small businesses struggle to track commissions for sales reps. Whether you use QuickBooks workarounds or Excel formulas, the process is  time-consuming.

The solution:

  • Save time by building a custom commission tracker in Method
  • Set different commission levels per rep or item
  • Automatically exclude taxes and shipping fees

Online document approval

Nobody wants to spend days playing phone or email tag with customers. But that’s often the reality when you’re trying to follow up on quotes, proposals, or contracts.

The solution:

  • Get responses faster by customizing Method’s online portals
  • Allow customers to view, approve, or comment on documents
  • Automate follow-up tasks in Method, like creating an invoice
Custom document screen in Method:CRM

DIY or full-service customization

Take a hands-on approach to personalizing Method or leave it up to our experts.

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Do it yourself

Use our free training materials to try your hand at DIY customization.

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Free hour with an expert

Take advantage of a free session with a customization consultant.

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Customization services

Have big dreams for your custom CRM? Work with us to bring your vision to life.

Streamline your business with Method

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