Our Values

To be a Methoder is to be part of something unique. Our people, our product, and our culture are distinctly “Method”. With that in mind, on July 4th 2014, our full team of 47 Methoders put our heads together to find the essence of what it means to be part of our team: who we are, what we do, and how we do it. What follows are our core values developed by our full team. Do they align with your values? If so, check out our careers page.

Who We Are

Believe Impossible

  • Dream big & pursue Olympic-level goals.
  • Not be afraid to fail.
  • Attack the biggest hill.

Be Passionate

  • Flex your strengths.
  • Be real - bring your unique self to work.
  • Be better everyday.

Win & Celebrate Together

  • Play well with others.
  • Have fun, enjoy the journey, laugh everyday.
  • Play to win, then have a party.

What We Do

Live Agile

  • Ship value often.
  • Focus: Find, prioritize, and do the right work.
  • Constantly adapt for a better outcome.

Deliver Awesome

  • Think small, one unique business at a time.
  • Champion our customers and our partners.
  • Be so proud of the experience, that you share it with your friends and family.

How We Do It

Be Explicit

  • Make your promises and expectations clear.
  • Communicate well, make sure everyone understands, assume nothing.
  • Give honest, direct, and balanced feedback - up, down, and around.

Own It

  • Be accountable and follow through with what you said you'd do.
  • Understand and simplify the impact your work has on others.
  • Love, respect, and defend OUR Method.

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