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Sales infographic: The state of sales in 2020 and beyond

The text version of this sales infographic follows the image below.

Sales infographic: State of sales in 2020 and beyond

Sales infographic: The state of sales in 2020 and beyond

The future of sales is digital

Sales workflow automation increases the number of closed-won deals by 30%.

88% of buyers use online reviews and product ratings to make purchase decisions.

78% of sales reps who sell on social media outperform those that don’t.

Sales productivity is at an all time low

40% of sales teams don’t have a playbook to follow.

Sales reps spend only 32% of their time selling. The remainder is spent on admin tasks.

It takes 18+ dials to connect with a prospect on the phone.

Sales outreach callback rates are less than 1%.

Sales strategy is more important than ever

A sales playbook makes you 33% more likely to close sales at a higher rate.

Companies with a defined sales process have 8% higher revenue growth than those that don’t.

80% of high-growth companies have a strongly defined ideal customer profile (ICP).

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