The attachments control allows Method users to attach one or more files to a record. There is a 25 mb/attachment limit and 10gb/account.


  • Caption: the text used to caption the control
  • Load State: the default state of the control (regular/hidden/disabled)
  • Attach to email column is visible: this will place an email checkbox beside each file within the attachments control. When using the Send Email action, under Add an Attachment, you can specify this control and it will automatically include all the selected attachments to be sent in the email.
  • Width: How wide the control is in relation to the screen
    • Auto - will be auto-sized depending on its contents
    • Fixed - assign a width in pixels
    • Full - use the full width of the section or cell it has been dragged into


  • Changes made within the Attachments control is autosaved if there is an active recordID on screen. As a result a user could add an attachment, leave the screen without saving, and upon returning, the attachment will still be there.
  • Attachments will not work on Public pages at this time, so do not use this control for any public facing pages. Attachments will, however, work in customer portals.

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