Copying a View Filter

A view filter allows a Method user to limit what is shown in a grid based on given conditions.

In the below example, Shared - Active Customers and Leads will only show: 

  • customers and leads (not vendors and employees)
  • set to active (not set to inactive)
  • shared with you (records you have permission to see as well as your records that are assigned to you)

You could create a filter view from scratch, but you will need to add conditions to take into consideration the Accounting Software and "My" vs "Shared" records.

A way around this is by copying existing view filters. The following example will show how to customize a screen to add a view filter by copying it from an existing view filter.

Copy a View Filter in the Contacts Grid

In this example, we will add a new view filter which will show all customers who have a balance greater than zero.

  1. Customize the Contact List screen.
    When editing a stock screen, you will be asked to copy it or look at it in View Mode. Select Copy.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow for ContactsGrid and select Views.
  3. Find the Shared - Only Customers view and click the duplicate icon. 
  4. Select the new copy and change the view name to "Shared - Has Balance"

The Selection Criteria for the view we copied is separated into two groups. Each group takes care of two separate cases: users on QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. 

For more information on criteria, please check our article on The Criteria Builder

Adding Your Own Criteria to the Copied View Filter

We will need to add a criteria to each of these groups to show a record only when the balance is greater than zero.

  1. Click the plus icon on the EntityType = Customer condition (grouped with QuickBooks online)
  2. For the new condition, change it to Balance | is greater than | Number | 0
  3. Click the plus icon on the second EntityType = Customer condition (grouped with QuickBooks Desktop)
  4. For this second condition, change it to Balance | is greater than | Number | 0

Close the editor and the screen. When you select this new view, you will find all the shared customers who have an overdue balance!

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