Screen management

For each screen, you are given a variety of options (they're the same for every screen).


This option opens the Design Mode of your screen, where you can customize all sorts of elements of screen functionality and design.  We’ll be covering that in detail in the Design Mode documentation.

A note on customizing default screens: Method doesn’t want you monkeying with the core functionality of key screens we have designed. Whenever you try and customize a stock screen, you will be given the option to copy it.


This creates a copy of your screen, like saving a second version of a document in Microsoft Word – same design, same base table (which you can’t change).  Once you make the copy, you can choose to have the original screen redirect to the copy. 


This allows you to manage the different versions you have for each screen. That’s pretty complicated stuff, so we’ll cover it in greater detail in its own section.


If you want to, you can also redirect a screen. In our example above, you could choose to redirect a user to your copy of the Contact List screen by clicking on the Redirect option under Contact List and selecting your copy. Then, whenever a user accesses the Contacts List, he or she will be redirected to your copy. You can use this function to redirect a screen to any other screen in any Method App to which you have access!


This option allows you to:

  • share the screen publicly - the screen is viewable by anyone on the internet. To get the public url to share with users, make sure you are viewing the screen within Method and select the gear in the upper right corner. From there, click share and toggle public access.
  • share the screen with guests - the screen is visible within a portal screen. If you create a screen you want your customers to see via the portal, they need to be shared with guests. 


You can use this button to delete a screen, but keep in mind you can’t undo this action, so make very sure you want to get rid of it before you pull the trigger!


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