This option allows you to record a partial payment that happens at the same time as the sale. There are a variety of reasons why a partial payment might be applied, depending upon your business, but this allows you to specify the amount of the payment as well as to what account it should be applied. It is subtracted from the subtotal or total, depending on where it is placed in the grid.

This item is available in QuickBooks Desktop only.

To add this as an item, you will need to add a new item within the Items app, and choose Sales Tax

If you do not see the Items app, you will need to get access permission for this app from your administrator. The Items app is found in the Accounting Lists Pack. 

  • Item name/number: Identify the payment by name or by number.
  • Description: Provide details about the payment in this writable section.
  • Payment method: Identify the method of payment used by choosing from the drop down menu.
  • Deposit to account: Indicate which account the payment should be applied to.
  • Active payment item: Click on this option to ensure this item appears in the "Active" filter view in the Item list, and so it will also appear in drop down lists throughout Method.
  • Save: Saves the new or edited item.
  • Save & New: Saves the new or edited item and clears the fields above.


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