Test Drive Donor page

The Test Drive function allows you to preview what your public donation page and thank you page look like to your donors once you have completed all the previous setup steps detailed in this section. It's a good idea to preview these pages before you make the link to your donation page available to the general public.

It is recommended that you complete the following prior to test driving your pages:You may also wish to disable payments on the live page to test the pages without using real payments.

You can access the Test Drive page either from the Donor Pages setup, or selecting the Test Drive snapshot on the Donor Pages App itself.

Doing so will take you to the Test Drive page, which allows you to test the Donate Now page and the Thank You page.

Test Donate Now Page

When you select Go to Donate Now page, you will be taken to the page as a potential donor will see it. 

  • Select an item*: displayed because we gave the donor multiple donation items to choose from. If we had used only one donation item, this field would be hidden.
  • Donation amount*: appears for all donors. Donation items can be assigned a default amount (e.g. a suggested donation) but the donor can change this manually on the screen.
  • Select a cause*: displayed because we gave the donor multiple programs (or classes) to choose from. If we had used only one program, this field would be hidden.

  • If you selected to display Dedication as, the donor can select In Honor, In Memory, or None.
  • Message allows the donor to include a personalized message that appears in the Notes section of the donation record in the Donations App.

  • The donor's First and Last Name as well as their Phone Number, Email and Address are all required fields. This is to ensure you have an accurate way of sending them their thank you letter and receipt, and of following up at a later time.
    When your donor clicks Donate, Method looks at the First Name, Last Name and Email fields and searches for a match in the Donations App.
    • If an exact match for all three fields is found (e.g. Bob Crenshaw, bob@alocet.com), Method assumes it’s a returning donor and adds the sales receipt to Bob Crenshaw in your QuickBooks account, as well as the logged donation in the View Contact screen for Bob.
    • If the names match but the email doesn’t (e.g. Bob Crenshaw, bob@rogers.com), Method creates a new donor with the same name in the Contacts App. In QuickBooks this donor will appear as Bob Crenshaw(1).
    If the “new” Bob Crenshaw is the same individual using a different email address, you can merge those two records together in QuickBooks!

  • If the donation is marked corporate, the donor is prompted to include a company name, which is included in both the Method and QuickBooks records for this donor.
  • A donor can also choose to remain anonymous, which is noted in the logged donation. When donation reports are created for multiple donors, this donor's total is attributed to "Anonymous".

  • We have chosen to disable payments for this example. If payments are enabled, the yellow box is not shown. 
  • If you have disabled payments, remember to enable them before you send your public link to donors.
  • The donor is prompted to include their credit card information as they would be on any payment widget.
    Method does not save your credit card information. All transactions are processed through PayPal.

  • When the donor clicks Donate, the automated emails and internal notifications you've set up previously are sent, and the donor is redirected to the Thank You page.

Thank You Page

The Thank You page can be viewed either by Test Driving the Donate Now page (by clicking Donate) or by selecting it from the Test Drive menu above.

If a donor's credit card payment is not accepted for some reason, they will be notified by PayPal and will not be redirected to the Thank You page.


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