Add a new sales opportunity

Adding a new sales opportunity means creating the initial record that you can later update as the opportunity progresses through its pipeline. The following steps will show you how to create a new sales opportunity in Method, and how to follow up with your prospective customer!

Add a new opportunity

From your Method dashboard, click New on your Opportunities App, or click New Opportunity on your Opportunities List screen. This opens the New Opportunity screen.

Every field marked with an asterisk (*) is required.

  1. Contact*:  Associate the opportunity with a customer or a lead. Phone and email will be updated when a contact is selected. If this opportunity is for a new contact, click New Contact in the list, create the contact and save. You'll be returned to this screen where the new contact is assigned. 
  2. Opportunity Name*: Give your opportunity a descriptive name.
  3. Assigned To*: Assign this opportunity to a Method user. By default, the user currently signed in is chosen.
  4. Notify Assigned To: If you assigned this opportunity to another user, email them a notification by clicking the checkbox. The email sent reflects the template you chose in your preferences screen.
  5. Close Date*: Identify or estimate a closing date when you'd like to see the opportunity won and closed. This affects the pipeline charts and adds the opportunity amount to the month selected.
  6. Stage*: Choose the stage this opportunity is in. This auto-fills the probability percentage
    By default, prospecting is chosen, but it's possible to create an opportunity that's already farther along the pipeline. See our documentation on stages for more information.
  7. Type: Select an opportunity type. You can add your own types using the New/Edit Opportunity Types link from the dropdown.
  8. Next step: Indicate a user’s next steps for proceeding with this opportunity should be (e.g. sending marketing material or proceeding with a product demo).
  9. Create Follow-up Activity: When checked, a section appears to schedule an activity related to this opportunity.

  1. Amount: Choose an opportunity amount reflecting the total actual revenue this opportunity represents. This amount is used to calculate the pipeline amount, which is represented in your charts.
  2. Probability (%): Each stage has a probability percent associated with it. When a stage is selected, this field gets set. The pipeline amount is calculated from this percentage.
    • Prospecting: 10%
    • Qualification: 10%
    • Needs Analysis: 20%
    • Value Proposition: 50%
    • Id. Decision Makers: 60%
    • Perception Analysis: 70%
    • Proposal/Price Quote: 70%
    • Negotiation/Review: 90%
  3. Lead source: If this opportunity originated with a lead, identify the source of that lead (see lead sources for more information).
  4. Tags: Tags for the opportunity. For more information see tags
  5. Campaign: If this opportunity was precipitated by a marketing campaign, you can choose it here. You must have created a campaign in Method for this dropdown to be populated.

  1. Description: A description of the opportunity.
  2. Attachments: You can attach multiple files to this opportunity record
Before you click Save, please follow the steps in the next section.

Follow up

You can create a follow-up activity from this screen that is automatically linked to this sales opportunity.

  1. Follow-up Assigned To*: Assign a Method user to follow up. By default it is the user signed in. If you assign a different user, you can send them an email notification by checking the box.
  2. Fill in the follow-up type, status and due on date. If the follow-up type is a meeting, include a Due Ending date and time.
  3. Follow-up Comments: Include relevant comments about the sales opportunity. This provides context for the Method user who will follow up with the potential customer.

You are returned to the Opportunities List. When you open the saved opportunity, it now displays the associated activities in the app ribbon.

  • Clicking Activities in the app ribbon opens a list of the activities associated with the opportunity.
  • Clicking individual activities takes you to that record in the Activities App.
  • Any concurrent follow-ups you create and complete are added to this app ribbon.

For more information about using the app ribbon to associate activities and transactions with this sales opportunity, click here.


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