Create a Purchase Order

The following steps will show you how to create a new purchase order in the Method Purchase Orders App.

Differences exist between how QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online accounts sync with Method, which means some of the fields appear differently (and sometimes do not appear at all).  We note where these discrepancies appear.

Create a purchase order

  1. Click New on your Purchase Orders App, or click New Purchase Order from your Purchase Order List. This opens your New Purchase Order screen.
  2. Choose a vendor to associate with this purchase order. This opens more fields to be filled out.
  3. The top will show if the total, the vendor, and whether or not the purchase order is open:
  4. The following fields are optional:
    • Purchase Order #: Assign a purchase order number if applicable.
    • Class (QBDT Only): Classes are used to sort your transactions.
    • Terms (QBDT Only): Assign terms to this Purchase order.
    • Tags: Label and categorize your transaction. (See Tags.)
    • Wait for approval before QuickBooks sync?: Prevents the purchase order from syncing to QuickBooks until a user unchecks this option and saves.
    • To be emailed in QuickBooks (QBDT Only): Flags the Purchase order in QuickBooks as "to be emailed"; group and email multiple purchase orders in QuickBooks.
    • To be printed in QuickBooks (QBDT Only): Flags the Purchase order in QuickBooks as "to be printed"; group and print multiple purchase orders in QuickBooks.
    • Manually Closed (QBDT Only): Marks the purchase order as closed.
  5. To add QuickBooks items to this receipt, add them directly in the grid. To add more lines, select the Add Lines button.
    QuickBooks Online users will also be able to select Account Details to add an Account Expense. See the next section for further information on this.
  6. If you wish to include a message the vendor will see, add it in Message.
  7. Include a Memo if necessary. Your vendor will not see this memo.
  8. When you have finished your purchase order, click Save.

The total will be updated when you save the transaction, and this purchase order is now visible in your Purchase Order List!

Add Account Expense

If you are on QuickBooks Online, you will have the option to select Account Details to add an Account Expense.

  1. Choose an account from the dropdown in the Account column and fill out the rest of the row. If you want to add multiple account expenses, select Add Lines.
    If you want to create new accounts, you must do this either through QuickBooks, or through Method's Accounts App.
  2. Click Save when you're done. The grid and the total will be updated.


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