Create/edit an activity status

An activity status identifies how far along the activity has progressed.

There are several activity statuses available in the stock version of Method:

  • Not Started: Not yet started.
  • Cancelled: Cancelled, but is still saved in Method.
  • Completed: Completed, is still saved in Method, but will no longer appear in Due Now lists.
  • Deferred: Not considered complete, but has been put on hold.
  • In progress: An activity that is ongoing.
  • Waiting on someone else: Waiting on another user, client, or someone else connected to the activity.

But the whole point of Method is to tailor your CRM experience to your business practices, so we’ve included an option to create a new activity status.

The following steps will show you how to create and edit activity statuses.

The add and edit screens are laid out the same way, so we will go through how to add a new status. You can edit an existing status by clicking on it and changing the information in the fields. It's a Method best practice not to edit stock options, but you can create your own very easily!
  1. From your Method dashboard, on your Activities App, click the ellipses (...) and select Preferences.
  2. Under Default Status, click Add/Edit List. From here, you can choose to edit an existing activity status or create a new one. 
  3. Click New Activity Status.
    You can also access this screen by:
    1. Navigating to the New/Edit Activity screen
    2. Selecting the Activity Status dropdown menu
    3. Clicking New/Edit Activity Status
  4. On the New/Edit Activity Status screen, choose a name for your activity status.
    Method best practice says you should choose a name that reflects the kind of activity you’ll be applying it to (say, Procrastinating on).
  5. Choose a status type: this affects what appears in your “due” list. Only activities marked pending will appear in these lists.
  6. Choose a color to be associated with your status: this is the color of your activity as it appears on the calendar.
  7. You will see one check box:
    • Cause reminder?: Applying this status means an email reminder will be sent to the assigned user about 15 minutes before the activity is due.
  8. When you’re all done, click Save.  This activity status is now available throughout Method.


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