Create an activity

The following steps will show you how to create and assign a new activity in the Method Activities App.

Create and assign an activity

  1. From your Method dashboard click New on your Activities App, or click New Activity from your Activity List.  This opens your New Activity screen.
    Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
  2. Include Comments on your activity to provide context for follow-ups.
  3. Assign Tags to this activity if applicable. 
  4. Choose a Contact with whom to associate this activity.
    • When you choose a contact, their phone and email appear for reference 
  5. Choose an activity Type, Status, and Start Date & Time from the dropdown menus. If the type is "meeting", include an End Date & Time.
  6. Assigned To: Assign a Method user to this activity. By default, this will be the user currently signed in. 
  7. Notify Assigned To: The user assigned will receive a notification email when you save the activity.
  8. Attachments: Attach a file to this activity.
  9. Link to Existing Case/Opportunity: See Link activities to cases/opportunities
  10. Create a Follow-up Activity: If you would like to schedule a follow-up activity, this checkbox will expand a section to fill in the information for the follow-up. See Schedule a follow-up for more information.

Activity Buttons

  • Delete: Delete the activity.
  • Email Contact: You can choose to create and send an email when you save this activity. Checking this option will take you to the Send Email screen when you click Save. When you send an email in this way, the details of that email will be associated with this saved activity.
  • Save & New: Save the activity and clear the screen to input a new activity.
  • Save & Back: Save the activity and return back to the previous screen.

When you save your activity, it will be viewable in the Activity List. Notification emails will be sent at this time.

Link activity to opportunity

If this activity is being created as part of an ongoing opportunity, please follow these steps.

  1. From your Method dashboard, click Pipeline on your Opportunities App. This opens your Opportunities List screen.
  2. Locate the opportunity you wish to link this activity to, and click on it. You can search manually or use the search function at the top of the screen. This opens the Edit Opportunity screen.
  3. Click New on the Activities app ribbon:

    Then follow the steps above, beginning with step 2.

Your activity is now linked to the opportunity, which means it appears in the Activities app ribbon for this opportunity.


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