Subscribing to packs and apps

Your Method trial pre-subscribed you to several packs to help you get started. However, your business may require more functionality than what those base apps provide. 

This section will walk you through how to subscribe to more packs, so you can gain access to the awesome apps that come with them!

You cannot download individual apps; you must subscribe to the packs that contain them.
  1. Click Add / Remove Apps near the bottom of the dashboard
  2. This shows you a list of packs that are available and have been installed. Subscribe to a new pack by clicking on it.
  3. This opens a more detailed description of the pack, and a list of the apps it contains. Some packs may have only one app, while others have many more. The below example shows the Purchase Transactions pack.
  4. Click Add pack, which takes you to the next step: setting up the users who will be able to access the apps!

    You are given a list of all the apps found in this pack. When you click Expand next to each app, you will see a screen that looks like this:
    You can give each user on your Method account access to each app by clicking the Access checkbox.
    The ability to customize and manage the app are greyed out; these permissions must be assigned from the User Permissions screen, once you have subscribed to the pack. This menu is strictly used to grant access to the apps.
  5. When you have finished granting access to your users, click Install to begin installing the apps in this pack. You can then return to your dashboard.

When the installation is complete, you'll receive a notification and the apps will appear on your dashboard. You can then begin using the apps in your brand-new pack!


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