PSI Gateway

Requires an active PSI merchant account.

PSIGate is one of several payment gateways that can be used to accept credit card payments through Method's Payments App. Before you can use PSI to accept payments, you must sign up for a merchant account (if you don't already have one) and then follow these steps to set up the gateway in your Method account.

Setting Up PSI Gateway as a Payment Gateway

  • Available for use with Payments App
  • Requires customization for payments via Guest Page and Donor Pages
  1. From your Method dashboard, navigate to the Gear icon and select Preferences > Integrations.
  2. Click Edit payment gateways. This opens your Payment Gateway List, where you can view your active and inactive gateways.
  3. Click New Payment Gateway to open your new gateway screen.
  4. From the Credit Card Company dropdown, choose PSI Gateway. The following options are displayed:
  5. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required to set up the gateway.
    • Payment gateway name: This is the name that will appear in the dropdown.
      If this gateway appears in a customer portal, it will be visible to your customers.
    • Store ID/passphrase: These unique pieces of information are used to set up and authenticate a connection between your merchant account and Method. You are assigned a Store ID and passphrase when you sign up.
    • Default payment method: The payment method most likely to be used. In a gateway, this is probably a credit card.
    • Default A/R account: This dropdown is populated by QuickBooks, but does not appear for QuickBooks Online users.
    • Default Deposit To account: The account where money is initially deposited, also populated byQuickBooks.
      It's a Method best practice to assign a default currency that coincides with the currency most of your customers will use to pay you.
    • The followingcheckboxes represent non-required options.
      • Override post URL gives you the option to use any credit card processor that uses the same API as PSIGate. You should not use this option unless you are given a URL by your gateway provider.
      • Active flags this gateway as active, which means it appears in the active gateways list and in dropdowns throughout Method.
    • When you've filled in your details, click Save.

As long as you've set this gateway to Active, it will appear in your active gateways and in gateway dropdowns in Method.


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