GoDaddy server settings

Below are there recommended email server settings (SMTP mail server) for GoDaddy users.

  1. From your Method dashboard, click the Gear icon and choose Preferences > Email.
  2. Scroll down to Company Settings.
  3. Use the following settings:
    • For Email Server use "".
    • Fill in your Email Use Name, typically your full email address.
    • Enter your Email Password, the same password used to access your email.
    • Specify 80 for the Port.
    • Ensure SSL is no (not checked).
    • When done, click Save.
    • Click Test Company Email Server Settings and wait for on-screen confirmation.
Some GoDaddy users may need to try alternate settings for the Port and SSL. Please try from these additional options below.
  • Without SSL - one of the following: 25, 80, 3535, 587
  • With SSL - 465

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