How Do I Restore a Cancelled Account?

Restoring your account after it has been cancelled

If you have a cancelled Method account and would like to restore your account to gain access to your data, please review this article. 

How does an account get cancelled?

An account may be cancelled in any of the following typical situations:

  1. Expired trial - you started a trial but did not convert your trial into a paid subscription by the end of your trial period.
  2. You cancelled - you explicitly requested your account to be cancelled, typically by using the self-service portal.
  3. Failed Payment - You had a paid subscription, but your payments failed to process. See more detail in the next section.

Failed Payment Process

When payment for your paid subscription fails to process, we do our best to inform you and give you easy options to get your payments updated. The following process will take place: 

  1. Billing day - on your monthly billing day, your payment on file will be charged. If the payment fails to process, an invoice will be emailed requesting payment. The email contains a link to update your payment information online, and will be emailed to all billing contacts on your account. 
  2. Soft-hold - if your payment failed to process, your subscription will be placed on “soft-hold” for a period of 5 days. During this time you can still sign in and use your subscription, but after you sign in, account administrators will be presented with a screen asking them to update payment information, but they can skip past this screen to continue without paying. 
  3. Hard-hold - after the soft-hold period, your subscription will be placed on “hard-hold” for a period of approximately 22 additional days. During this time, you will need to provide payment information in order to use your subscription. 
  4. Retry - for your convenience, we will attempt to retry your payment information twice per week for the next 4 weeks, and email all billing contacts with payment reminders if the retry fails to process your payment successfully. 
  5. Cancellation - after the soft-hold and hard-hold periods, if no payment information has successfully processed, your subscription will be automatically cancelled, and no further payment reminders will be sent.

Cancellation Process

When an account gets cancelled, regardless of why it was cancelled, the following process occurs. 

  1. Cancellation - the account is marked as ‘cancelled’. An email is sent to your team informing you of the cancellation (with the exception that no email is sent for expired trials). Once an account is cancelled, you will be unable to sign in and use your account or access your data.
  2. 30 day backup - a nightly automated process removes backup data that is over 30 days old from our backup servers. Once this backup data is removed, retrieval will not be possible.

Restoring a Cancelled Account

  • If you have an unpaid balance, we’ll ask that you get settle the unpaid balance before restoring the data. 
  • If you are restoring the same day as your cancellation, it may be possible that your account data can be restored within the hour by contacting our team by phone or chat. 
  • If you are restoring within 30 days of the cancellation, there may be a small service charge to cover the cost of the engineering time to restore the account data from the backup servers back onto our production servers. 
  • If you are hoping to restore your account data greater than 30 days following your cancellation, unfortunately, your account data has been permanently removed from our servers, and cannot be restored. 
  • If you would like to restore your account data, and gain access to your account, please contact our service team at

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