How to set up and use Method:CRM

Use these resources to learn the basics of Method:CRM and become the product expert your clients need.

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Welcome to Method:CRM!

To get started, use Method:CRM’s single-sign-on with Intuit or Google to access your account. Once you are logged into Method:CRM, feel free to explore our dashboard or dive into your favorite apps


Next, you’ll want to make sure you set up your account to sync with QuickBooks so data in both tools is always up-to-date and accurate.


What’s more? In Method:CRM you can create custom templates for your reports, invoices, and more with the Web Report Designer.

Getting started with Method:CRM

Learn the ins and outs of Method:CRM in 5 minutes with these videos.

A quick video to go over the navigation of Method:CRM’s account dashboard.

Dashboard Overview

Video length: 0:50 mins

A step by step guide of how to add users in 

Method:CRM and adjust their permissions.

Adding Users

Video length: 3:37 mins

Get to know Method:CRM's amazing features

Discover the power of Method:CRM for yourself with these reading materials.

Learn how to use Method:CRM

on Mac operating systems.

Using Method:CRM on a Mac

Simplify your workflows by creating and scheduling App Routines in Method:CRM.

App Routines

Find out what the Web Report Designer is 

and  how to use it.

About the Web Report Designer

Logging into Method:CRM

Learn how to take advantage of Method:CRM’s single-sign-on feature.

Find out how to sign in to Method:CRM with your Intuit credentials.

Sign in with Intuit

Find out how to sign in to Method:CRM with your Google credentials.


Sign in with Google

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