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Sales teams in manufacturing, wholesale and distribution love how easy Method:CRM is to use.

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Simplify Your Sales Pipeline.

More Deals,
Less Effort.

Closing Deals Gets easier.

Deals won't slip through the cracks with easy lead and opportunity management.

Your Way.

Reports, Your Way.

Fully customizable sales data by product, rep, stage of pipeline, geography, and more.

Stop Entering Data Twice.

Stop Entering Data Twice

Customer info, invoices, and more sync back and forth with QuickBooks in real-time.

Works Where You Work.

A CRM Made for You in Minutes

From iOS and Android, to tablet and desktop, you’ll have every account detail right at your fingertips.
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A CRM for the Entire Team.

It's Not Just a CRM for the Sales Team
  • Sales Representatives: Know your hottest leads, their history and when to follow up next.
  • Sales Managers: See what every sales rep is working on.
  • Office Managers and Accountants: No double data entry. Customer details entered in Method sync automatically into QuickBooks, and vice versa.
  • CEOs: Review customized sales reports anytime, anywhere.

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Ideal for Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution Companies.

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