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Simplify Your Sales Pipeline.

See how investing in our Sales CRM works to maximize both your company's efficiency and profitability.

Stop Entering Data Twice.

Method:CRM syncs with QuickBooks.

Customer info, invoices, and more sync back and forth with QuickBooks in real-time.

Your Way.

Generate custom sales data for easier analysis.

Fully customizable sales data by product, rep, stage of pipeline, geography, and more.

More Deals,
Less Effort.

A sales CRM that reduces effort needed.

Deals won't slip through the cracks with easy lead and opportunity management.

Works Where You Work.

This sales CRM is accessible from all devices.

From iOS and Android, to tablet and desktop, you’ll have every account detail right at your fingertips.

A Great Tool – Customer Interactions Stay Organized, Close Sales.

“I work for a Wine Broker, so I am always finding new customers for placements, as well as new vendors to represent. With the Activities application, Method has enabled me to be organized in sourcing vendors… On the sales side, I always know where the status of a potential sale is. This alone has been a big payoff, the vendor or customer feels valued and we will do a good job representing them!”

Apps.com – January 26, 2017
San Jose, CA, USA

The #1 QuickBooks Sync

Entering data twice is so 1999.

Never experience double data entry again with the best QuickBooks sync in the industry.

  • Instantly create and send transactions – Don't wait to get this done in QuickBooks. Any sales transactions created and sent in Method syncs automatically with QuickBooks and vice versa.
  • Easily manage lead and customer accounts – When a new lead is created in Method, it only syncs when you decide to convert it into a customer.
  • Enjoy the #1 QuickBooks sync for free – Method's sync engine is built-in to our sales CRM and syncs your QuickBooks data as soon as you begin sign-up. Connect any QuickBooks Online or Desktop account, with any edition, including Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.

Easy Pipeline Management

Nurture Every Lead.

It’s never been easier to track new opportunities and drive more business.

When used as sales CRM software, Method:CRM allows sales data from all sources to be combined into one place.
  • Centralize your account and transaction information – See contacts, activities, notes, estimates, sales orders, and invoices without ever accessing QuickBooks.
  • Automatically notify your sales reps with new opportunities – Never miss a great deal. Assign a new opportunity and we’ll instantly alert your team to get moving.
  • Conveniently send estimates to leads and customers – Create and send estimates without ever leaving Method and waiting for someone else to get it done in QuickBooks.

Fully Customizable CRM

Customizable Sales Reports.

Get a full sales report customized to your every need.

Method Reports Screen
  • Manage data your way – See sales data by product, sales representative, pipeline stage, geography, or whichever way works for you.
  • 100% Code-Free Customization – Transform Method to match your company's needs and your workflow, without ever using code. Create fields, tables, screens, buttons, and more with unlimited customization.
  • Support is Only a Click Away – Our Professional Services team will create a system that fits just right for your business.

Keeping Track Has Never Been Easier.

“Our company has been using Method for about two months now and I could not recommend Method enough. From receiving the first email from someone interested in our company, to entering their information to setting up a follow up conversation and to the next steps is extremely fluid and simple. We had planned for a multi hour meeting to discussion implementation of Method into our work flow but it really only took about 30 minutes. Very smooth, very user friendly and, as stated by others, the customization is incredible. I cannot recommend Method enough.”

Skyler Broughman
desktop.apps.com – September 15, 2017

Mobile CRM For Small Business

Your Sales Team is Mobile. Your CRM Should Be Too.

Method's Mobile CRM for any device
  • Works across all devices – Every customer and lead detail at your fingertips, whether you use an iPhone, iPad, Samsung, or other Android device. Once you have signed up for a trial of Method you can access your account on your smart phone and tablet free of charge.
  • Follow-up in real-time – When you have customer and lead details on your smartphone you can follow-up as quickly as you need to, or wait for just the right moment, no matter where you are.
  • QuickBooks Desktop accessible from anywhere – Create and send an Estimate or re-send a customer's Invoice after your site visit. Transactions created in Method from the road sync to QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online in real-time.

Customer Portals & Payment Gateways

Close the Deal. Get Paid Online.

Customer Portals and Payment Gateways
  • Create a customer portal – Extend your website with a custom-built “my account” section where your customers can view outstanding balances, update their account details, and place orders.
  • Get paid faster with payment gateways – Customers can pay invoices online through your customer portal, and your sales staff can process payments without needing access to QuickBooks. As soon as the payment is approved, it syncs to QuickBooks in real-time.

CRM that Helps the Whole Team Succeed

A CRM for the Entire Team.

Our Sales CRM removes the pain of a slow sales process, wasting time sifting through disorganized data, and losing sales in the process. Our solution streamlines the entire sales process, keeping your sales team focused on making sales and delivering management results.

Team members happy to use a sales CRM that works for all of them.
  • Sales Representatives: Know your hottest leads, their history and when to follow up next.
  • Sales Managers: See what every sales rep is working on.
  • Office Managers and Accountants: No double data entry. Customer details entered in Method sync automatically into QuickBooks, and vice versa.
  • CEOs: Review customized sales reports anytime, anywhere.

Great CRM Tool, Gets You Super Organized.

“I'm a sales manager, and anytime a new lead calls, emails, Facebooks or even walks in, it all goes into Method… It has really changed our pen and paper, old school sales process into something that is very connected and simple to duplicate. Plus, I don't have to spend time trying to get my sales metrics from each salesman's paper notebook every week.

Apps.com - February 1, 2017
Orlando, FL, USA

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