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What is CRM?

Good Business Starts with Happy Customers.

Method:CRM Charts
  • Keep Your Promises: stop using Excel and sticky notes to track your customer conversations and next steps. So much gets lost and forgotten with these “systems”. When you manage your customer interactions in Method:CRM, you’ll never miss a follow-up or sales opportunity again.
  • Save Time: our patented, industry-leading sync with QuickBooks means your customer and financial data is always in harmony. When you create or update an invoice, estimate, customer record, and more in Method, it automatically syncs to your QuickBooks, and vice versa. No more duplicate data entry!
  • Work Your Way: you have workflows for your unique business — we understand you don’t want to change them. That’s why Method is fully customizable — so your customer management software matches your way of getting your work done. And the best part is Method is simple to customize using drag-and-drop tools. Of course, you don’t have to customize Method, but soon you might want to, so you can run your business, your way.