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What is the partner study guide?

A list of online materials that are categorized into five main sections. Make your way through each section of the study guide to prepare for your Method:Partner certification exam.

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Introduction to Method

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Study time: 10 mins

A quick overview of what Method:CRM is and how it can benefit your clients. 

Method’s QuickBooks Sync

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Study time: 10 mins

Learn about how Method:CRM syncs with multiple versions of QuickBooks.

Set up and use Method

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Study time: 20 mins

Learn the best practices for how to get started with Method:CRM.

Method Packs & Apps

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Study time: 30 mins

All you need to know about the contacts app, opportunities app, estimates app,  portals, and many other useful Method:CRM features.

Method:CRM integrations

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Study time: 10 mins

Beyond QuickBooks, Method:CRM has native integration with Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp, payment gateways, and more!

Method Help Center

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