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Method:Donor Online Donations
Method:Donor Fundraising

Accept Donations on Your Website with Donor Pages.

Fundraise automagically! When you receive an online donation or cash/check/credit card donation in person, Method will automatically:

  • Record the donation from your constituent.
  • Sync the donation to the right accounting place in QuickBooks.
  • Send a personalized “thank you” email and tax receipt to your donor.
  • Schedule follow-ups and set reminders for you.

Your donors and members will love how easy it is to give through your online donation page. Your accountant will love how donations instantly sync into the right accounting place in QuickBooks. You web person will love how easy it is to connect with QuickBooks Payments or PayPal. And you’ll love having more time to spend on the work that matters most.

So Easy, New Volunteers Can Use It.

So Easy, New Volunteers Can Use It.

Method:Donor is built to follow best practices for nonprofit accounting and for donor management. For example, when you receive an online donation, or enter a cash/check donation, Method automatically syncs it into QuickBooks as a sales receipt. Method will also send a personalized thank you email and personalized follow-ups to your donors and members at the right times. Your workflows will be so easy, even brand new volunteers will be getting work done in no time.

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