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Streamline your education company from lead to repeat and everything in between.

Attract More Students

Manage Leads

With a shared contact list your team can access prospective student info from wherever they work, create and send out estimates quickly, and schedule follow-ups, so no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Less Time Invoicing

Work Efficiently

Manual processes are a huge hidden cost. With efficient end-to-end processes, your team will be able to get more important work done everyday.

Create Returning Students

Drive Repeat Business

A complete view of each student’s history means that every parent and student will receive world-class service, no matter who picks up the phone.

Turn More Interested Students into Future Alumni

Stop stressing over lost opportunities with a shared list of prospective students.

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  • Turn More Inquiries into Applications

    Embed a custom form on your website to capture inquiries straight into your CRM. Each new inquiry triggers a notification to your sales team and schedules a follow-up, so more inquiries have a chance of becoming customers.
  • Prospective Student Management

    Track the progress of every prospective student and focus on the ones most likely to close using customized opportunity stages. Each opportunity stage, such as ‘Initial Inquiry’ to ‘Application Submitted’, has an assigned probability percentage to show the potential revenue from prospective students at each stage.
  • A More Efficient Sales Process

    With a QuickBooks-integrated CRM, your team will no longer depend on you as the business owner or your accountant to access or create QuickBooks transactions. With Method, the sales team can create and send out estimates and, like with leads, chose whether or not to sync them to QuickBooks.

“Method and QuickBooks Online wrap around my business, instead of expecting my business to adjust to their software.”

Meghan Gardner
Guard Up!

Service Students and Get Paid in Fewer Steps with Streamlined Workflows

Automated workflows allow you to service students and parents, send out invoices, and receive payment in fewer steps, involving fewer people.

  • Service Students and Parents Efficiently

    Don’t waste time passing paperwork between recruitment, student services, and accounting. A QuickBooks CRM creates transparency between team members, allowing everyone to service students efficiently.
  • 24/7 Self-Serve Options for Students and Parents

    There’s a lot to get done everyday, so free your team from taking credit card numbers over the phone or taking checks to the bank. Method’s free customer portals enable students and parents to view invoices and pay online, all without having to contact you. Plus, the transaction will automatically sync to QuickBooks.
  • Liberate Key Staff to Focus on Building on the Business

    Since sales transactions sync from Method to QuickBooks, your accountant has time to focus on insights instead of data entry. Meanwhile, you as the business owner have more time to spend on building the business, instead of just keeping your head above water.
Customizable CRM for QuickBooks

“Method is a great CRM tool out of the box but that is just the beginning of what you can do. With the no-code platform that allows users to customize the system to meet their business needs, there’s no limit to what you can do. The Method team are the best vendors I have worked with in my career. If you need a CRM system with limitless possibility that fully integrates with QuickBooks, Method is the perfect software.”

John Connor
Breaking the Barrier, Inc.

Keep Students (and Parents) Coming Back

Drive student loyalty and parent satisfaction through top-notch customer service.

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  • Retain Customers with a 360-degree View of Each Student

    See educational accomplishments, view past orders, or re-send invoices all from the student’s profile. With a complete view of each customer your team can provide personalized service and create lifelong relationships with students and parents.
  • Keep Students Returning with Segmented Email Campaigns

    Ensure you stay top-of-mind for seasonal program registration with segmented email campaigns. Method’s free MailChimp integration allows you to create beautiful email campaigns that drive results with students, parents, and even alumni.
  • Prospective Student Data with You on the Road

    If recruiting for your education company takes you on the road, not to worry. Add new student leads, log interactions with existing applicants, create follow-up tasks, and create estimates from wherever your work takes you. Method’s mobile app allows you to bring your CRM and QuickBooks data to wherever your prospective students and parents are.

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