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Streamline your marketing agency operations from lead to repeat and anything in between.

Win More Accounts

Manage Leads

Get ahead of your competitors with quick turnaround. Scheduled follow-ups and the ability to create and send estimates from Method ensure your leads are never left hanging.

Create Efficient Workflows

Work Efficiently

You want to focus on creative work, not admin work. With Method’s efficient end-to-end processes, you’ll spend less time invoicing clients and more time wowing them with your output.

Keep Clients Returning

Drive Repeat Business

A 360° view of each client allows every employee at your agency to provide personalized service, whether they’re in the office or on the go.

“When I use Method I feel relieved, excited, efficient, happy, informed! I can see everything that’s happening. I now have time to focus on the development of my products, services and sales strategies. I’m focused on building the business instead of chasing my tail all day getting purchase orders in place.”

Laura Gray
Digital Signage Resolutions

Convert More Leads into Customers

Generate more leads and win more accounts with a streamlined sales process.

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  • Bring New Business into Your CRM

    Method’s web-to-lead forms effortlessly convert website visitors into prospects in your sales funnel. Each new web lead is logged as an opportunity and a follow-up activity is automatically created for you, so potential clients never fall through the cracks.

  • Stay Focused on the Hottest Leads

    When your agency is pitching for multiple accounts, it’s tricky to make sure each lead receives the attention they need. Track and prioritize the leads in your pipeline using Method’s opportunity stages. Each stage, from ‘Qualification’ to ‘Proposal’ has an assigned probability percentage to show the potential revenue associated with each account.

  • A more efficient sales process

    Your sales team will no longer have to rely on accounting to prepare estimates for leads. With a QuickBooks-integrated CRM, account executives can easily create and send out estimates from Method — no access to QuickBooks required.

I am very impressed and pleased with Method.

“Since Method synchronizes with QuickBooks, all of my contacts and transaction data are accessible, which gives me the power to custom build anything I need, and it ties directly to the information in QuickBooks. I cannot say enough how much of a pleasure it is working with the Method team, as they have always gone above the standard when it comes to supporting their product.”

Dylan Hanna
Woodard Consulting

Streamline Your Day-to-day and Provide Top-notch Service

Automated workflows allow you to send out invoices and receive payment in fewer steps, so you can focus on serving your clients.

  • Focus on Creative Work Instead of Admin Work

    Double data entry eats up time that would be better spent getting your creative energy flowing. When you use Method to create estimates, convert estimates to invoices and process payments, the transactions sync to QuickBooks automatically — so you can focus on producing deliverables for your clients.

  • Get Paid in Fewer Steps

    Give your clients the convenience they crave with Method’s free client portals. Clients can pay their invoices online and the payments will sync to QuickBooks as soon as they are approved. Plus, clients have 24/7 access to their previous invoices without needing to contact you.

  • A CRM that’s Designed to Serve YOUR Clients

    Rather than adopting multiple systems to manage your projects, customize your CRM to better suit your needs. Take the company Digital Signage Resolutions — they customized their Method account to create an interconnected system for project management, CRM, and accounting. Read their story.

Customizable CRM for QuickBooks

Build Customer Loyalty with a QuickBooks CRM

Get ahead of your competitors! Method’s tools and integrations help you build and maintain strong business relationships.

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  • Personalized Service with a 360-degree View of Each Client

    Employees may leave your agency, but client knowledge shouldn’t leave with them. Method:Sidebar for Gmail lets you log interactions with clients directly from your inbox, so important details are always accessible to everyone on your team. And with QuickBooks data available in Method, it’s easy for anyone at your agency to look up past orders or re-send an invoice.

  • Keep Clients Coming Back with Targeted Email Campaigns

    Maintaining strong client relationships is key to bringing new and repeat business to your agency. Method’s free MailChimp integration allows you to send beautiful email campaigns to targeted segments of your clients, so you always stay top-of-mind.

  • Never Be Caught Without Essential Client Data

    The Method mobile app ensures that you always have client and account data at your fingertips. Log interactions, update project details and create estimates from a client’s office, the airport, or wherever else your work takes you.

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Digital Signage Resolutions
Digital Signage Resolutions

Learn how marketing agency Digital Signage Resolutions now spends less time on their purchase orders and more time growing their business.

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