BETA User Interface update Sneak Peek

This article contains info for existing Method Partners!

What is this beta program?

As our team works tirelessly to improve the Method user interface (UI) we're providing our Partners the option to enable this for a sneak peek on select Method accounts.

For active Partners only

Reminder some betas are available to active Method Partners only. There are eligibility requirements to become a Method Partner. Learn more about those requirements.

Accessing the beta program

  1. Log into the Partner portal (click for help)
  2. Click the Beta Programs tab
  3. Find the Method User Interface update Sneak Peek beta
    • Clicking View Help will bring you back to this article
    • Clicking Give Feedback allows Partners to send feedback to Method

Accessing the beta will take you to the following screen for use.

Quick Guide To UI

As the name suggests, the User Interface update Sneak Peek displays the selected Method account with our new look and feel. Below we're outlining a few of the most obvious changes to help you navigate around faster.


  1. The left menu is more stable and can now be minimized or maximized as needed.
  2. Account settings have been relocated from the top right gear (previous location) to the left menu.
  3. The previous top-right gear has been replaced with a new menu for user settings.

Manage Apps and Customize

Options to Manage apps and customize a screen are now front and center and available by expanding the top tab of the screen a user is currently using. The previous options remain on the app tile on the dashboard and user permissions are still respected in this new area. 

Important Notes


  1. Pro Tip

    As a Partner beta, we filter Method accounts that use the email address associated with your Method Partner profile. To include additional Method accounts, you can temporarily invite a new user with this email to both accounts to use this tool.

Things To Note

  • It's important to understand this new UI is a beta and only the first step of many in creating a better Method experience for all users. 
  • This article does not provide extensive details on all the current changes but rather a summary to help our beta Partners. 

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