Method:Sidebar Preferences

Setting up the defaults for the Method:Sidebar

The Method:Sidebar preferences allow you to set up the default behaviour for the Method:Sidebar. It is only accessible from Method, and not accessible from the Sidebar itself.

Currently, the preferences for Method:Sidebar are also the preferences for Gmail Gadget, which will soon be retired. Until the Gmail Gadget is fully removed, however, its preferences will also be shown in the preferences page.

To access the preferences for the sidebar:

  1. Log into Method:CRM.
  2. Select the Gear in the upper right corner to display the right menu.
  3. Select Preferences in the right menu. 
  4. On the left menu, select Integrations.
  5. In the list of Integrations, select Edit Gmail Gadget / Method:Sidebar for Gmail Settings.

The preferences are separated into two parts, Personal Settings and Company Settings

  • Personal settings will only affect the current Method user.
  • Company settings will only be available to those with Administrator permissions in Method, and affects every user who connect with the Sidebar to this Method account.

Personal Settings

For the most part, the personal settings of the Method:Sidebar preferences allows you to set up defaults for the fields of the following apps: Activities, Opportunities, and Cases. These defaults only affect the Method:Sidebar and will not change defaults for the apps within Method itself. 

For more information on what each field means when setting a default, please see the appropriate help articles. This section will only refer to properties unique to the Method:Sidebar. 

General Settings

  • Auto-expand Gmail when a contact is found - This setting is for the Gmail Gadget only.

Activities Settings

  • Autofill activity comments with first 250 characters of the email
  • Auto-expand activity details section - This setting is for the Gmail Gadget only.
  • Save email in plain text - There is a dedicated section within an activity for the email body. This specifies whether or not you want the email body to be saved in unformatted text as opposed to html.

Opportunities Settings

  • Autofill opportunity description with first 250 characters of the email

Cases Settings

  • Autofill case comments with first 250 characters of the email

Company Settings

As stated earlier, the company settings for the Method:Sidebar preferences will affect every user who connects to this Method account with their Method:Sidebar.

General Settings

  • Links Open in - There are two cases here based on which version of Method you are using:
    • Classic - Links in the Method:Sidebar will open up in Method:Classic, the older version of Method.
      This will also ensure the Documents link is visible within the Method:Sidebar. The Documents link will only show the documents from Classic. No documents from the new version of Method will be shown.
    • New - Links in the Method:Sidebar will open up Method:New.


  • If multiple contacts found - If you happen to have more than one contact for the same email
    • Use Newest - bring up the newest contact that has been added to Method.
    • Use Oldest - bring up the oldest contact that has been added to Method.
    • Last Contacted - bring up the contact that was last contacted.

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