MailChimp is a software which gives you the ability to create and manage mailing lists, newsletters, automated marketing campaigns and more.

Integrating MailChimp with Method allows you to upload contacts in Method into any MailChimp List. 

Connecting Method to MailChimp

  1. Within your Contacts list, select the cloud icon by the search bar.
  2. From the dropdown, select Send to MailChimp.
  3. Click Connect to MailChimp on the right panel.

  1. Enter in your MailChimp credentials.
  2. Click Log in to connect MailChimp to Method.

Send Contacts to MailChimp

Once MailChimp is connected to Method, you can export all the contacts listed in the grid to a MailChimp list. 

The export will respect the filter views and the current search results. So if you search for a particular tag, for example, a "VIP" tag, then only contacts tagged with "VIP" will be sent to MailChimp.

  1. Select your MailChimp List from the dropdown.
  2. Click Send To MailChimp.

And you're done! The contacts shown will be exported to MailChimp and you will get an email when it is complete. 

You should check that email, for it will tell you if the the contacts were sent successfully!

When you log in to MailChimp, you should find your contacts in the list you chose:

Disconnecting/Reconnecting MailChimp

If you wish to disconnect or reconnect MailChimp, you can do so from the preferences.

  1. Click the gear in the upper right hand corner and choose Preferences
  2. On the left menu, select Integrations.
  3. In the list of integrations, find MailChimp and click Learn more beside it. 
  4. Connect or Disconnect MailChimp.

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