Retrieve Value from Email Gadget

Retrieving values from the email gadget

The Retrieve Value from Email Gadget action will pull values from an email when used within the context of the Email Gadget.

If this action is used on a screen that is not part of the email gadget, then a blank value is returned.

The action contains a "Values to Retrieve" dropdown with the following options:

  • Body
  • CC Email(s)
  • CC Name(s)
  • From Email
  • From Name
  • Subject
  • To Email(s)
  • To Name(s)

The options will return the respective values within the email context. 

The action has the option to return more than one value by selecting Add Another Value.

The action contains a "Place The Value Here" dropdown  allowing you to store the retrieved value in:

  • User Defined - Action Result or Shared Result
  • Screen Control - controls on the screen that can be updated

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