Send email

The Send Email action allows you to send an emails from your Method screen without having to open up your email client.

  • Sender's Email Address: the From field
  • Sender's Name: the From name
  • Recipient Email Address: the To field
  • Include CC and BCC: checkboxes to add more recipients for Carbon Copy and Blind Carbon Copy
  • Subject: the text for the subject
  • Body: the text for the body of the email
  • Attach from: you can include an attachment to the email
  • Add an attachment: you can specify more than one attachment

By default, the Specify email server settings is unchecked. When checked, instead of using the default email server to send out the email, you can specify an alternate server.

  • Server: server to use
  • Username: user to authenticate with on the email server
  • Password: password to authenticate with on the email server
  • Port: port to use

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