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The Go To Screen action redirects a user to any screen in any app in Method, provided the user has permission to see that screen or app.

  • Navigate to: the screen the user will be sent to
  • After navigation: what to do with the current screen
    • Keep this screen in currently open list: keep the screen cached to be later navigated to with its current state intact
    • Close this screen: usually used for screens like deleting or adding a new record
  • Refresh the destination screen after navigation: if any changes are made, the destination page can be refreshed to reflect those changes

Navigating to an App Screen

If you navigate to a screen in an app, there are other options presented.

  • Navigate to - first dropdown: the app to navigate to
  • Navigate to - second dropdown: the screen within the app to navigate to
  • Set a screen active record id: you can clear this for a new entry, or set it to a specific value (normally used when editing a record)
  • Use this active record: choose the record id to put into the screen active record id. Normally, this is grabbed from grid during a row click event.

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