Update fields in table

The Update fields into Table action will change one or more records in a specified table.

This action is for updating records which already exist. If you wish to create a brand new record via an action, you will need to use Insert Records into Table.

This action isn't the only way to update a record in a Method table (often, the Save All action is used to save a record from a user-facing screen), but it is a way for Method to automatically save a record as part of an action sequence.

  • Select a Table: table to update
  • Update Records Where: select which records to update with the criteria builder
    Remember, you can update more than one record all at once. Make sure this is what you want to do because you can't undo this.
  • Field(s) to Populate: you can choose one or more field(s) to enter data into
  • Update Using This Value: you can manually enter user defined data, or pull a value from a control, session variable, or an action result

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