Insert records into table

The Insert Records into Table action will insert one record into a specified table.

This action is for adding a record which does not exist. If you wish to make changes to an existing record, you will need to use the action Update Fields in Table.

This action isn't the only way to insert a record into a Method table (often, the Save All action is used to save a record from a user-facing screen), but it is a way for Method to automatically save a record as part of an action sequence.

  • Select a Table: table to insert to
  • Field(s) to Populate: you can choose one or more field(s) to enter data into
  • Populate Using This Value: you can manually enter user defined data, or pull a value from a control, session variable, or an action result
  • Action Result Name:  the Record ID of the newly created record will be stored in an action result of your naming
Any fields that are required will automatically appear and must be filled in before the record will save.

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