Dropdowns allows the Method User to choose from a unique list of options.

The data in a dropdown is stored in a table. When using a dropdown control, it will need to be attached to an existing table with data.


  • Caption: What is your dropdown called?  Name it here. 
  • Hide Caption: If you’re just labeling your control for your own information but don’t want the text to show in the live screen, check this box.
  • Load State: The default state of the control:(regular/hidden/disabled)
  • Base Table: As mentioned above, the dropdown needs to pull its options from a table and this is selected here. In our example, we have created a custom table with all the countries and that is used to populate our dropdown.
  • Include Clear Option: Give the user the option to clear the selection.
  • Placeholder: Reminder text.
    E.g. “Select a country...
  • Default Text: This is the default choice for the dropdown.
  • Width: How wide should your control be in relation to the screen?  
    • Auto: object will be the width of the text and/or icon
    • Fixed: assign the width of the object in pixels 
    • Full: object will be full width of the section or cell it has been dragged into
  • Custom Row Text: This will only appear if you add an action in the Custom Row Click event. This allows you to place a link in the first row of the dropdown. The text written here will be the text of this link.


Opens the Columns Properties Window, which allows you to choose which fields in the associated table are shown in the dropdown menu for each menu item.  It also gives you the ability to customize how many columns are displayed in your dropdown (by default there is only one) and to format those columns based on a variety of criteria including width and how the data is displayed.

Filters & Views

This option opens a new screen that allows you to edit the Sorting and Criteria for display information for each menu item in the dropdown.


  • Text size/color: Set the size and color of the text in your control.
  • Background color: Set the background color of this control from the preset Method palette.
  • Caption color/size/text alignment: Choose the color, size, and alignment of the text in your caption.
  • Border size/color/style: Choose the size, color, and style of your border!


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