Using the Activities Import Template

This article will outline how to use the Activities Template to import Activities into Method.

An activity is assigned to a contact via the contact's Record ID. Since we don't expect everyone to know the contact's Record ID, this template will find the Record ID within your Method Account based on the contact's name.

The Import Activities template is created in Google Docs. You will need to have a Google account in order to make use of this template.

NOTE: Use this at your own risk! We cannot guarantee success with this import template. If it gives you errors, don't spend time fixing the template. It would be better for you to manually put in the contact Record ID. 

Copy the Template

  1. Sign in to your Google Account in the browser.
  2. Click the following link: Activities Template.
  3. It will ask you to make a copy in Google Drive. Select Make a copy.
  4. A copy of the template will open. The first tab will have instructions on how to use it.

Fill Spreadsheet with Data

At the bottom of the spreadsheet is a sheet called "ImportData". It contains sample data to give you an idea what needs to be entered in.

Activities are associated with a contact and also assigned to a Method user. Both the contact and the Method user must pre-exist in Method.

  1. Select ImportData sheet.
  2. For column ContactName, enter the contact name the activity is for. This must exactly match the contact's name in Method.
    You must ensure you use the contact and not the customer name. Activities are associated with contacts only.
  3. Column Contacts is blank and highlighted in red. This will be auto-populated so keep it empty for now.
  4. Column Entity is blank and highlighted in red. This will also be auto-populated so keep it empty for now.
  5. ActivityStatus is one of the following:
    • Cancelled
    • Completed
    • Deferred
    • In Progress
    • Not Started
    • Waiting on someone else
  6. ActivityType is one of the following:
    • Email Incoming
    • Email Outgoing
    • Email Incoming & Outgoing Email
    • Meeting
    • Phone Call Incoming
    • Phone Call Outgoing
    • Other
    • To-do
    • Web Comment
  7. AssignedTo is a Method User in your account. This user must exist.
  8. Once you fill in the rest of your data, go to the third sheet, Credentials.

Find Record ID for Contacts

The Activities Template will attempt to find the Record ID of your contacts. A few things to note:

  • The password field is not hidden.
  • The first column, "ContactName", must be an exact match with the contact name in Method.
  • If a name is not found, then the contacts column will remain blank.
  • If there is more than one contact with the same name, "DUPLICATE" will appear. You CANNOT import this.

Once the sheet ImportData is properly filled out, you can start the process to find each contact's RecordID.

  1. Select the Credentials sheet.
  2. Enter your Company, Login, and Password.
  3. Click the Connect button.
  4. It will request authorization, click Continue.
  5. A screen will pop up requesting permission. Select your Google account, and then click the Allow button for MethodAPIFunctions.
  6. At the top it will say "Running Script" and then eventually "Finished Script".
  7. Go back to the ImportData sheet and verify it retrieved the Record IDs in the Contacts column.

Export as CSV File

If the Contacts column is completely filled with numbers, then the activity will be imported. Make sure each line has the Contacts column filled in.

  1. Make sure the ImportData sheet is selected.
  2. Select File > Download As > Comma Separated Values (.csv).

Now that you have the correct .csv file, you can go to the import/export tool and import this file into the Method Activity table.


An activity is assigned to a contact via its Record ID. The script embedded in the template will look through all the contacts in the spreadsheet, and pull in its Record ID for your account. 

However, if there are too many records, the script may fail. Here are a few tips to get it working.

Fewer Rows

Try and break up your activity list into smaller chunks.

Bypass the script

The script pulls in the Record ID and Entity name for the contact by looking at the ContactName row (green row). 

You can get this information manually if you are familiar with Method's Export tool and using the spreadsheet function VLOOKUP. 

  1. In Method's Export tool, export the Contacts Table. You will need the fields:
    • Name
    • RecordID
    • Entity
  2. Take exported file and import it as a separate sheet in your Activities spreadsheet
  3. Using the VLOOKUP function, compare ContactName column with the Name column to pull in the Contacts (RecordID) and Entity (Entity).


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