Importing leads and customers

Most new users come to the import/export tool to import a list of their leads into their Method account, so our documentation will focus on how to import leads.

Customers in QuickBooks will automatically sync to Method, but if you want to import an external customer list, please see Importing customers for details on this.

Import Templates

Above are Excel templates to show how import spreadsheets should be formatted. It includes:

  • Required fields
  • Commonly-used fields (Do not alter the field names in the first row)
  • Field length restrictions (Hover over field names to see comments)
  • Sample data (Replace with your own data)

The following is a list of the column headers we’ve included for you. The character maximum length will be indicated in brackets.

  1. CompanyName (41): Lead’s company name.
  2. Name (41): Required field. A combination of the First and Last Name fields.
  3. FirstName (25): Required field only for QuickBooks Online. First name of your lead.
  4. LastName (25): Last name of your lead.
  5. Contact (41): Name of the contact for your lead.
    Method automatically creates a contact for each lead based on the Name field.
  6. Phone (21): Main phone number for this lead.
  7. Email (1023): Lead’s email address.
  8. BillAddress fields (each at 41): There are three fields marked BillAddressAddr and are provided in addition to BillAddressCity, BillAddressCountry, BillAddressState and BillAddressPostalCode. The BillAddressAddr fields are typically used for the lead name, street address, and suite number if necessary.

If you require further fields of information, you can add them yourself.

Now it’s time to start your first lead import!

Importing leads

In the upper right corner, click the Gear icon and select Preferences, then click Integrations > Launch Import/Export. This will open your import/export tool. 

  1. Import - Step 1: Import / Export menu
    1. Select Import into a table from a file.
    2. Pick the table Customer Lead.  
      You must choose Customer Lead from the dropdown. Failure to do so may result in your leads being imported and synced to QuickBooks as customers.
    3. Click Choose file and choose your import file.
    4. Click Import Data... to go to the next step.
  2. Import - Step 2: Prepare Data
    1. Leave alignment set to Vertical.
    2. Keep only First Row is List of Field Names checked.
    3. All of your columns should import To Existing Field (if you followed our import templates).
    4. If everything looks fine, click Import data.
  3. Import - Step 3: Validation
    1. Click Begin Import. When it's complete, click Finished.
If any errors are generated at this point, you will be informed the import is “finished, but with a few errors” and brought to a screen to address them. For more information on common errors, please see Troubleshooting.

When you have completed your import, you can go to your Contacts app and filter your Contacts List for active leads to ensure your records have been successfully imported.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully imported a list of leads to Method!  Keep in mind that leads do not sync to QuickBooks, so they will not appear in your QuickBooks file after your next sync (they will only sync once they have become customers).

Importing customers

Before you decide to import a customer list, please keep in mind that Method’s sync with QuickBooks will automatically pull your QuickBooks customers into Method when you conduct your first sync. It may not be necessary to import customer lists if they are already in your QuickBooks file!

Importing customers requires almost the exact same steps as our Formatting and Importing steps above, assuming you are using our template to import your records. The only difference is this:

  • In Import - Step 1: Import / Export menu, when asked to choose a table to import to, choose Customers (instead of Customer Lead).

Otherwise, follow the steps above to complete your import.


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