Create a sales rep

The following steps will show you how to assign the Sales Rep title to a contact in Method.

The Sales Rep feature is only available in QuickBooks Desktop. Method users who sync with QuickBooks Online do not have access to this app.

  1. From your Method dashboard, click New on your Sales Rep App, or click New Sales Rep from your Sales Rep screen. This opens your New/Edit Sales Rep screen.
  2. Choose an employee or vendor from the dropdown. This contact will be assigned the Sales Rep title.
    The contact's type (e.g. employee or vendor) appears under Type once you save this screen.
  3. Assign initials to this sales rep. This is how the rep is identified throughout Method.
  4. When Active is checked, it makes this rep available in dropdowns throughout Method.
  5. Click Save. You are returned to your Sales Rep List.

And you're done! You've successfully created a new sales rep.

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