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The following steps will show you how to create a new account in Method's Accounts App.

  1. From your Method dashboard, click New on your Accounts App, or click New Account on your Accounts List screen. This opens the New/Edit Account screen.
  2. Give your new account a descriptive name. 
  3. If applicable, choose a parent account for this account.
    Sub accounts are typically used to categorize specific types of transactions. For example, if the parent account is "Travel Expenses" a sub account might be "Meals" or "Transportation". This helps your accountant more accurately keep track of funds.
  4. When Active Account is checked, it makes this account available in dropdowns throughout Method.
  5. Choose an account type to assign to this account.
    Account types determine whether this account appears on the Balance Sheet or Income Statement in QuickBooks. If this is a sub account, it must be the same type as the parent account.
  6. Provide a description for your account.
  7. If applicable, assign an account number. The account number appears ahead of the name when synced with QuickBooks, in the chart of accounts and accounting reports.
  8. Cick Save. You are returned to your Accounts List.

And you're done! You've successfully created a new account.


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