Introduction to charts

Charts are used to display information about your ongoing and completed support cases. Charts can be accessed by clicking the ellipsis (...) on your Cases App and selecting Charts.

Using the chart screen[top]

When you click Charts, this is an example of what you might see (your charts will depend on the data in your Method account).

By default, the data displayed is for all users currently assigned cases in your Method account. However, you can switch to a display of a single user by clicking Specific User and selecting one from the list.

You can also filter your charts to reflect data in a given date range:

Charts provide a visual representation of values. If you want to see an exact number, you can hover your cursor over the applicable part of the chart:

If you click on these parts of the chart, Method opens a list at the bottom of the screen, displaying all cases associated with that value.

For each record, the Cases list displays:

  • User assigned to
  • Contact name
  • Case subject
  • Case description

Clicking individual cases in these lists opens the New/Edit screen for the case.


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