Case reports

The Cases App allows you to create reports that display case information based on a variety of metrics. The following steps will show you how to generate these reports, as well as provide details about your report types.

Create a case report

  1. From your Method dashboard, click the ellipsis button (...) on your Cases App and select Reports. This opens your Case Report screen. 
  2. Select a report type to generate from the dropdown list. Please see below these steps for a description of your options.
  3. Identify a date range you wish you report on, including start and end dates.
  4. Click Generate Report. This opens a new tab displaying your report as a PDF, which you can then print or save by clicking those options.

Report types

The Case Report screen allows you to generate a variety of report types based on different metrics. The following is a list of the report types available to you.

  • Case List: Displays all cases currently saved in Method.
  • Case List by Assigned To: All cases assigned to each Method user.
  • Case List by Contact: All cases broken down by assigned contact.
  • Case List by Status: All cases broken down by status.
  • Case List with Activity Details: Displays each case with a breakdown of all associated activities.

There are also three Dashboard options, which displays information as a chart.

  • Cases by Status: Progress of all cases assigned to each user.
  • Cases by User: Number of cases are assigned to each user.
  • Cases Today by Status: All cases within the chosen date range.

All of these report types can be saved and/or printed as PDF files.


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