Donor Pages Setup: Get Notified - Internal Notifications

Automatic internal notifications for received donations

The second half of the Get Notified screen pertains to automatic internal notifications. These notifications happen "behind the scenes" within Method when a donor makes a donation through your public page.

The following steps will show you how to set your preferences for internal notifications.

  1. If you followed the steps from our last article, you should already be on the correct screen. If not, from your Method dashboard, click Setup on your Donor Pages App and then click Get Notified. Scroll down to the Internal Notification Email Template.
  2. By default, Method automatically sends an internal notification email. If you do not want this notification sent, uncheck this option.
    It is a Method best practice to leave this option checked to ensure your team is up to speed.
  3. Choose an email template for the notification. Method provides a template, Online Donation Internal Notification.
    You can create your own email templates easily through the Send Email App. When saved, they are available in this list. You can also edit the stock template by clicking Edit the selected template.
    By default, Method sends this email to the address reflected in the template. If no address is specified, it is sent to the user assigned to the follow-up activity (see below).
  4. Method automatically creates a completed activity when a donor makes a donation. Create a follow-up activity to ensure the donor is contacted.
  5. When you're finished, click Save to save your changes, or Save & Test Drive to see how your public page looks (please see Test Drive for more information).


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