Donor Pages Setup: Personalize

The first step to setting up is creating a public donation page

The following steps will show you how to set up and personalize your public donation page and thank you screen.

  • From your Method dashboard, click Setup on your Donor Pages App. This opens your main setup page.
    The URL for your public page is available on this screen, but it is strongly recommended you do not share this link until you have completed all of your setup process, or the page will not work as intended.


Customize your Donor Pages and Thank You content.

  1. Choose the image you would like to appear at the head of your Donation page by clicking the + icon and either uploading an image or linking to a URL.
    Method supports JPEG or PNG formats with a maximum size of 400x150px.
  2. Title your page and include header text.
  3. If you would like your donor to be able to donate anonymously, or to dedicate their donation to a specific individual or organization, check these options to enable them on the public page.
    When donors choose the anonymous donation option, Method still captures their name and contact information, because donors must be synced by name to QuickBooks. The option flags the donation in the Donations App. Donors who choose to be anonymous will appear as anonymous on public donor reports.
  4. Include footer text.
  5. When a donor has completed filling out the public page and clicked Donate Now, they are redirected to a Thank You screen. Customize that screen by including text, links and images in this section.
    It's a Method best practice to include a link back to your main website on the Thank You screen

When you're done, click Save & Next to save your changes and proceed to the next step of the setup process. Alternatively, you can click Save and return to your dashboard to Test Drive your donation and thank you pages.


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