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When you receive a donation, it is often a best practice to provide your donor with a receipt for their tax purposes. It's also a best practice to acknowledge you received their donation and thank them for their contribution! 

With Method's Donations App, you can provide thank you letters and receipts in both paper and digital format. The following steps will show you how to email a letter and receipt to your donor.

Method provides stock templates for receipts and emails, which are set up in your App preferences. It is highly recommended you set up those preferences before you use this app.

Once your donation has been entered, select Send Email when viewing the donation. 

This will bring you to the Donation Email Editor screen, which looks like this (depending upon the template you saved in your App preferences):

If you are not satisfied with the way your email looks, you have two options:

  1. Edit the subject and body in the fields on this screen. This only affects this email and will not change your template.
  2. Click Edit the email subject and body, which redirects you to your App Preferences screen. Changes there will change the template itself.
    In both cases, do not change the receipt URL. If you alter the URL, it will not work.
  3. When you are satisfied, click Send.

You are redirected to your Donations List screen and your email has been sent!

If you go back to the existing donation, the Sent Email checkbox has been checked to indicate you have sent an email and receipt to this donor.

If, for some reason, your donor does not receive the email, you can resend it at any time by accessing the donation, clicking Send Email, and following these steps again.


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