Embed Web To Lead in Your Website

How to embed a web to lead form on your website.

Getting the Link

The following steps will show you where you can find the link to your form.

  1. Select your Web to Lead App.
  2. Select the web to lead form within the list.
  3. This will edit your web to lead form. On the right, you will find a URL under Link To Form. Copy this link.
Make sure the form is enabled by clicking the checkbox. If the form is not enabled, it will not work.

Embedding the Form

The next step is embedding this Method public page (your web to lead form) on your website. We will cover how to do this via an iframe.

An iframe is an HTML technique used to display or embed a webpage within a web page. iframes are an easy and effective way when using a third party website (like your Method web to lead form) in which you want your website visitors to interact with without leaving your website.

  1. Copy the following HTML code to your clipboard exactly as shown below:
    <iframe src="[LINK]" frameborder=0 style="width: 460px; height: 1000px; border: 0;">
  2. Replace [LINK] with the link you copied in the previous section (shown in red below). In the following example, we will use the link in the image:
    <iframe src="http://MIurl.cc/qXjyrbml" frameborder=0 style="width: 460px; height: 1000px; border: 0;">
  3. Copy the above code on your website where appropriate.

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