Test drive web to lead form

The Test Drive option acts as a preview for what your live web to lead form will look like, and how it will behave when leads use it to give you their contact information. The following is a breakdown of what you can expect to see in the Test Drive view of your Web To Lead App.

The Test Drive view displays based on the preferences you set in the Set up web to lead form steps.

Access the Test Drive screen from your Setup screen, or by clicking Test Drive on your Web To Lead App on your Method dashboard.

Using the live page without setting up your preferences means the page will not work the way it’s intended. We recommend you walk through the Set up web to lead form steps before making your link available on your website.

The Test Drive screen shows you what your live screen will look like based on the preferences you chose.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are considered required. You will be able to influence these choices in the future, but in order for Method to save a lead, a first name and last name are mandatory.

Both the email and phone number fields have been made required by default to ensure your Method user has a way of getting in touch with the lead.

When your lead clicks Submit, Method looks at the First Name, Last Name and Email fields and searches for a match in the Contacts App using the email, first name and last name fields. One of two things happens then:

  • If an exact match for the email field is found, Method cross-references the first and last names. If a match for the other two fields is found (e.g. Bob Crenshaw, bob@method.me), Method assumes it’s the same lead and disregards the double entry.
  • If the names match but the email doesn’t (e.g. Bob Crenshaw, bob@rogers.com), Method assumes it’s a new lead with the same name. This means Method creates a new lead with the same name in your Contacts App (he will be listed as Bob Crenshaw(1) because the Entity field in QuickBooks requires a unique value).

The field marked Notes, where the lead is asked to inquire after particular products or services, is currently static, but in the future you will be able to edit that filler text to whatever you want.

If you are happy with what you see in the Test Drive view, you are free to disseminate the public link found on your Setup page.


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