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An activity type determines what kind of activity you are creating. There are several activity types available in the stock version of Method:

  • Email Incoming: Log a received email.
  • Email Incoming & Outgoing: An email has been received and responded to.
  • Email Outgoing: Log a sent email.
  • Meeting: Log a meeting.
  • Other: This is a generic option meant to cover what the other types don't. You may find creating your own activity type more useful.
  • Phone Call Incoming: Log a received call.
  • Phone Call Outgoing: Log a placed call.
  • To-do: This can refer to many possible activities; commonly used for internal tasks not related to a specific contact.
  • Web Comment: When comments are introduced to your cases through a customer portal, or via a web-to-lead submission, they are called "Web Comments".

But the whole point of Method is to tailor your CRM experience to your business practices, so we’ve included an option to create a new activity type.

The following steps will show you how to create and edit activity types.

The add and edit screens are laid out the same way, so we will go through how to create a new type. You can edit an existing type by clicking on it and changing the information in the fields. It's a Method best practice not to edit stock options, but you can create your own very easily!
  1. From your Method dashboard, on your Activities App, click the ellipses (...) and select Preferences.
  2. In the Default Type dropdown, click Add/Edit List. From here, you can choose to edit an existing activity type or create a new one. 
  3. Click New Activity Type.
    You can also access this screen by:
    1. Navigating to the New/Edit Activity screen
    2. Selecting the Activity Type dropdown menu
    3. Clicking New/Edit Activity Type
  4. On the New/Edit Activity Type screen, choose a name for your activity type.
    Method best practice says you should choose a name that reflects the kind of activity you’ll be applying it to (e.g. Out-of-office meeting).
  5. Choose a type category. This will influence how your Activity Type List is filtered.
  6. Fill in a description of your type. This is useful if the type name is not descriptive.
  7. You will see five check boxes:
    • Active?: The type is active in Method and can be assigned to a new or existing activity.
    • Show on calendar?: The activity type is visible on your calendar.
    • Cause reminder?: Applying this type means an email reminder will be sent to the assigned user about 15 minutes before the activity is due.
    • App specific?: This type pertains only to certain apps.
    • Auto create follow up?: This automatically creates a follow-up activity when this type is used. Clicking this option displays default options for this follow-up:
    • Assigned to: Assign to a Method user.
    • Activity Type: Identify follow-up type.
    • Days Later: Days before follow-up should take place.
    • Activity Status: Default status of follow-up. 
    • Activity Priority: Default priority of follow-up.
  8. When you're all done, click Save. Assuming the Active? box is checked, this activity type is now available througout Method.


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