What is Donor Management?

As a nonprofit organization, you know how time-consuming day-to-day administration and accounting can be. Managing donations, ensuring your books are up-to-date, and keeping track of new and returning donors are all important tasks, but they can take time away from your great nonprofit work.

Method:Donor is donation management software designed to help you streamline your workflow and help you get back to championing the causes you’re passionate about. So how do we do it?


  • tracks and records your donations
  • syncs donations automatically with QuickBooks
  • automatically generates receipts
  • logs interactions with donors

What does this mean for your nonprofit?

  • improved efficiency
  • eliminating double data entry
  • streamlined bookkeeping
  • growing donor relationships

The following documentation will walk you through how to install the Method sync engine and use Method:Donor. Let’s get started!

The Donor Management pack includes the following apps. Please click on the links for documentation on how to use these apps!


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